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French Bentonite Clay Powder

French Bentonite Clay Powder

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French Bentonite is a mineral rich clay, formed from aged volcanic ash. One of the best properties of this clay is its remarkable absorption / adsorption power. It has a unique way of attracting impurities and toxins out the body. This is known as an electro negative charge, whilst impurities and toxins are electro positive.

French Bentonite, a type of Calcium Bentonite, is one of the purest natural skin detoxifiers. It will gently exfoliate and penetrate deep into the skin to cleanse the skin of impurities. 

Can be used internally (drink small amount mixed with water) and externally, applied as a poultice, in lotions, compresses, body wraps, face masks, hair rinse, clay baths.  A versatile, earthy edible natural clay powder from Europe.