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American Mixed Clay Bag 2

American Mixed Clay Bag 2

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Not sure which clays to try?  

The American mixed sample bag 2 contains a variety of clays from different parts of the Americas.  Contents includes 7 clay samples:

Carolina Clay

Chalma Clay

Georgia Soft Kaolin Clay 

Georgia White Kaolin Clay

Marsh Clay

Pimba Smoked Clay

Small Pimba Smoked Clay (strongly smoked; all the above clays may need airing).

Total quantity 140g, 20g of each clay.

Unfortunately a number of clays have had to be replaced due to clays no longer being available.

*Chalma Clay has replaced Crumb Crumble Clay.

*Georgia Soft Kaolin Clay has replaced Soft Kaolin Clay.

*Marsh Clay has replaced Calico Clay.

*Small Pimba Smoked Clay has replaced Phoenix Clay.