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Soft Kaolin Clay Powder

Soft Kaolin Clay Powder

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Soft Kaolin Clay is widely used for cosmetic and health purposes. From masks and compresses to internal applications inside the body.

It contains a large amount of silicon, aluminium and other useful trace elements. Due to the presence of silicon, it has been known to have a beneficial effect on the formation of bone tissue. It is also known to improve the functioning of blood vessels and the heart.

In the form of heat compresses, it has been known to have an analgesic effect on sore joints, muscles and ligaments in sprains and injuries.

Kaolin masks are well known for their proven remedy for problem skin. Removes excess oil and impurities absorbed into the pores. By saturating the skin with essential micro-elements, its known for stimulating the regeneration of the skins upper layer.   Kaolin clay is used to help cleanse, nourish, soothe, and heal a variety of skin types.

The clay is very soft and fluffy to the touch. Can be applied as a poultice, in lotions, compresses, wraps, face masks. Can be used both internally (small amount mixed with water) and externally. A versatile, earthy edible natural clay powder from Europe.