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Clay Personal Health Care

A collection of personal health care products that contain all natural ingredients and are vegan friendly.  Clay has many benefits and cleansing is just one of them.

All clays within this range are non-ionized, free of preservatives, colourings and come from isolated clay quarries. They have a naturally high mineral content, which means their properties are more superior and they are more pure to other clays that may be less pure. 

We try to provide a wide variety of clays from different parts of the world.  So although some clays may have the same name, such as bentonite, you will notice that there are slight differences.  This is down to their different locations as well as their natural surrounding conditions during their formation.  You may find that you prefer a certain type of bentonite from one country compared to another country.

Disclaimer - Please seek medical advice before consuming any natural clays. Earth's Clay Store is not qualified to give medical advice and will not be held liable for any such incidents that may result. 

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