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The Beginning - Chalk, Clay and Jesus Christ


Welcome to my 1st ever blog.  I've been meaning to create this blog for a number of months now, so finally here it is.  It's about the beginning, the beginning of a few things:

  • Eating Chalk and then discovering Clay
  • Establishing Earth's Clay Store
  • Beginning my true walk with Jesus Christ 

I suppose most adults may recall playing in the dirt as children and making mud pies.  I'm no exception.  I do not remember actually eating the mud pies though, as my mud pies were full of sticks, wriggling worms and sometimes the occasional snail.  I never picked up slugs though - they were a bit too slimy.

At primary school I did take a few sticks of chalk from the blackboard and take a nibble.  The number of times were about 5.  I loved the smell of the chalk dust from the blackboard.  

At secondary, my cravings for chalk came into full effect.  I remember taking a box or two from my form room storage cupboard and also loose sticks from the art department.  I asked the teacher if I could take some sticks for my younger siblings and they obliged.  I think I actually did give some sticks to my siblings - but most were for me.

Buying chalk from shops began during secondary school.  I began to discover different types and now knew the chalks I preferred; soft, dusty with no chemical taste. 

For many years I would consume chalk but, the desire for more earthy chalks grew.  Plus many of my favourite chalk brands were being replaced by cheaper chemical tasting chalks.  Then I found online chalks!  I tried many brands, most not so good.  

This led me to online forums about eating chalk and clay.  I found out that it has a name: Pica and, consuming earth is a subdivision called Geophagy.  I made some lovely 'pica' friends, which I'm still in contact with today, from all over the world.  This is when I first heard about eating clay and, actually tried some.  I did not like it.  No earthy taste at all.  But I tried another type - Georgia White Kaolin - this was wonderful.  Very different from chalk in texture but very nice taste with some earthiness.  I was hooked.  Chalk Lover became Clay Lover.


This was an expensive habit.  Shipping was costly.  Most clays were international.  I discovered natural chalk later on and this was nice - no chemical taste at all.  But I could only eat very small amounts, has I found it made my stools fairly loose.  The 1-2 sellers based in the UK had limited variety and seemed always out of stock for months on end.  I had had enough.  I decided to set up my own clay selling business.  One that would have variety and not be out of stock of every product all at once.  And here you have it: Earth's Clay Store!!!  And as they say, 'the rest is history'.  

Earth's Clay Store has been running for just over 2 years now, hopefully with many more to come. The range just keeps on growing.  Who would have known that there were so many types of clay?!  Well my Lord likes variety!!!  We see this in nature all around us.  Variety is the spice of life.

And this brings me onto my final new beginning, my new relationship with Jesus.  This really should have been first.  But I suppose this is a clay website.  However, Jesus, being Creator of all, made the clay and the clay business possible.  So all praises and thanks go to Him.  According to His word, we were even form from the dust of the ground Genesis 2:7.  So I believe there is a connection between eating earth and our physical make up as humans.  Even certain animals eat clay for healing.  I'll try to create a blog on this subject in the future.

I'm so glad that I am walking with Jesus Christ.  My eyes have been opened to things I was blind to before.  There is way too much to discuss for this blog but briefly:

  • I have overcome spiritual warfare through the power of Jesus Christ.  
  • I have been graciously given the Holy Spirit, by baptism of fire.  
  • God has revealed His character to me via:
    1. His Word (The Holy Bible),
    2. His Holy Spirit,
    3. by my prayers to Him and,
    4. in my dreams.

The last dream I had, God spoke to me loud and clear - He declared "Time is no longer".  I know - this is heavy.  Heavy for most of us and especially as this is my first blog.  But I must relay what God has told me.  I have to tell as much people as possible of God's love and mercy as well as Christ's return to create a new heaven and earth Revelation 21:1-4, where there will be no more death, nor sorrow.  

I was in church about 4 days after I had this dream and I actually saw and read the words in Revelation 10:6.  Now these words were the same that God spoke to me in the dream!!!  I only told my mom this and did not want to tell anyone else.  But God has been pressing this on my heart.  So I have obeyed.

I pray all who read this blog will be convicted in their heart to hear the word of the Lord.  I pray for God's mercy and grace to be with you and that we will see each other in God's Kingdom to come - that will be joyous and everlasting.

God bless xxx

Love Mandisa 



  • God Bless you richly! From this I have been reminded of the shortness of time. Christ Comes Soon. That we May Be Prepared and made Worthy to be Caught Up with Our Lord in The Sky and Return to our Father in Heaven, please Help us God. I pray in Jesus Name Amen.

    Glory Be To God
  • Glad to discover that there’s a name for chalk/clay eaters. All of my life I crave it, but just can’t find just the perfect taste-that EARTHY taste. I was hooked on dry-milk and flower, and now I’m dairy and gluten sensitive. I’m now trying the Haitian clay-more for detox and cleansing though.

    KINGDOM FOCUS! be ready for CHRIST’s return.

    Kingdom Focus
  • My daughters name is Chelsea, meaning chalk landing place.
    We are blessed greatly by our wonderful Lord and saviour.
    Thanks for your blog

  • I came across your blog while searching clays to use in lime putty. Thank you for sharing what the Lord spoke to you. It was encouraging. Keep sharing and touching others that need to hear what the Lord needs them to hear. It blessed me greatly. I have never wrote on a blog but God wanted me to reply. Sister in Christ.

  • I pray that your relationship with Christ is strengthened and that you continue to spread His message! May God bless you!!💕


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