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Is there life after death?

This blog post is a bit unusual. The title has nothing to do with clay - so why bother to create a blog post if it is not about clay?  Well, there is a bit of a link with clay, which should hopefully become clear later on.


I was watching a video on YouTube. 

The YouTuber referred to the Bible and current events happening in this world.  He then discussed a little on Jesus Christ and he mentioned one thing that really leaped out to me.  He said that in the old testament, it states that each man shall bear his own sins, whereas in the new testament, it says Jesus Christ has bore our sins.  He pointed this out as a contradiction, and therefore Jesus Christ is not the saviour of the world (he did not give the actual scripture though).  

I could see his point.  But something was niggling me.  **The Sanctuary.  I need to do more studying on this Bible topic.  But from what I already know, the Sanctuary was designed by God and He asked the Hebrews to make Him a Sanctuary so that He may dwell amongst His people.  It was not only God's dwelling place.  It housed the Ark of the Covenant (this is where the two tablets of stone were stored that had the Ten Commandments written on them by God's own hand).  


The Sanctuary was also a place where sacrifices and offerings were carried out on a regular basis.  If someone sinned, they would have their sin removed by placing their hand on a certain animal, so that the sin would be transferred to that animal and then the animal would be killed (sacrificed) as a sin offering.  

If each man bears his own sins (according to the YouTuber), why on earth did God require the Hebrews to kill animals for their own sins?  Well, I'll tell you what I did after watching the video.  I prayed.  Then I went to my Bible and flicked the pages in Leviticus.  Not having a clue where to properly look, I saw a section titled 'The oil and the shewbread'.  This is Leviticus 24.  

I read the entire chapter and a 1/3 of the way through, there was another heading 'Death for blasphemy'.  A Hebrew woman had a son for an Egyptian man.  The son blasphemed the name of the Lord and cursed.  The Lord spoke to Moses and part of what God said was this: Leviticus 24:15 "And thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel, saying, Whosoever curseth his God shall bear his sin".  God commanded that the man be by killed by stoning.  

Why couldn't his man have put his sin on an animal (to take away his sins), like so many of the Hebrews did?  If blasphemy and cursing causes one to bear their own sins, then how could one NOT bear their own sins?  Surely it is doing the complete opposite - not blaspheming and not cursing.  

When I saw that Bible verse, God revealed to me the devices of Satan.  Satan knows the Bible inside out, and misquotes the Bible so many times to deceive.  Only people that do not want God to cover/take away their sins will have to bear their own sins.  These people oppose God - just as Satan opposes God.  So if God does not take our sins away, then we have no other choice but to bear our own sins.  And bearing our own sins ultimately means death.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate sacrifice - He took on all the sins of the world so we would not have to bear our own sins.  But we must want to first accept this gift of life.  It is free.  Jesus did not have to take on our sins.  But God does not want any of us to perish (John 3:16).

This brings me to clay.  My nan passed away and she was buried.  The earth reminds me of God's promise to those who fall asleep in Jesus Christ - they will rise again at Christ's Second Coming (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).  I hope my nan is covered and her sins have been removed by Jesus.  I hope she accepted the free gift of life eternal!  

I have learnt this:

- Read God's Word for yourself - do not take what anyone else says as truth.  God's Word is truth.  The YouTuber appeared very intelligent, had many facts, but he misquoted God's Word.  Do not be deceived - this is a matter of life or death!

- Pray for God to guide you in all you say and do.  He will.  But you must be sincere.  God knows the heart.

- Tomorrow is not promised.  Seek the Lord today, while you have breath!!  The dead know nothing.  The dead praise not the Lord.  I pray my nan found the Lord in time. I look forward to Jesus Christ's Second Coming, and hopefully I shall see my nan again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and may God bless and keep you so that you too will be sealed in Christ.

 **Here are links that have more info about The Sanctuary.  Just copy and paste the links.

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  • sorry for your loss, Mandisa, and I think keeping the earth she was returned to seems like a really good way to remember her memory and her part in your life. x

    Rachel Pimm

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